Talking about my 2015 Reading Challenge, I just checked my Goodreads account and was reminded that I actually set 50 books to read this year. By reading challenge, I mean reading ‘from cover to cover.’ For me, the challenge is that I tend to read partially, taking chapters I need, especially when it comes to academic reading. Looking at the number, I was tempted to say that I had nailed it, only to realise that those are academic books that I may have read only by chapters.

That’s not the idea of Reading Challenge (at least for me). With popular books or even novels, the drive to not put down the book until I reach the last page is always there. While I read on everyday basis, the thing is I have been so much preoccupied with my thesis that I haven’t had time to read for a recreational purpose.

So, to combine my still ongoing thesis on literacy and the need to relax, I took out this book from my bookshelf: Creating Room to Read: A Story of Hope in the Battle for Global Literacy by John Wood. I bought this book about 2 months ago at a bookstore on Sydney Rd, Brunswick, with an idea that this book will give me insights to do social activism in literacy. Yet, I haven’t been able to continue further than Chapter 1 due to time constraints.

To mark the meaning of Indonesia’s 70th Independence Day as freedom from literacy crisis, this is the reading challenge I set. Reading Creating Room to Read from cover to cover until tomorrow.

Creating room to read

What’s your Independence Day Reading Challenge?